What does OG MEAN?

OG is the abbreviation for organic. During the 1990s people started demanding organic foods vs the GMO counter part. OG to the west coast beach vibe means ocean grown. Stories of ocean grown VS mountain grown are passed around, true or not its true for the west coastal people. OG was coined by rappers at the same time to mean Original Gangster. The closest source we found to the OG says the name came from an OG in Humboldt California. He was the “Old grower” of the kush. His kush plant was called OG Kush because he was an old grower of that kush.

The original OG kush comes from Humboldt California. It is said to be the worlds best Lifted sativa crossed with the worlds best downer Indica kush. Being a hybrid we would expect OG to mean something for the sativa side that was breed in. Our best guess is some kind of skunk high in nerolidol and linalool crossed with an india Kush from the kush mountains. The offspring of og kush can exhibit purple stems like Thai cannabis.

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