Top Ten Cannabis Varieties of all time

1.) OG Kush: The Highest quality terpenes for long lasting fragrance. Strong powerful highs and used for the breeding stock of many cultivars today. OG kush lands itself in the top ten cannabis varieties of all times. OG is clearly #1 and the best cannabis in the world. Its not the most potent but it very potent and long lasting. OG kush smells like roasting marsh mellows in the best smelling forest.

2.) Sour Diesel: The only real true earthy uplifting cannabis plant that will numb and induce activity in  the front lobe of the brain. A power house for depression and many consumers feel #woke after feeling the powerful effects of the cannabis cultivar sour diesel. There is no going back after consuming the sour diesel. You look at the world in a new, better way. Sour diesel is so strong, tasty and pleasant it lands a #2 in the best cannabis varieties in the world.

3.) Skunk: With legends of people going crazy to the orange tasting buds that relax you in California, skunk will take you on a ride through multiple terpene profiles and give birth to some cool cannabis varieties. Skunk is powerful, social, and very euphoric deserving a spot at #3 for the best cannabis of all time.

4.) Grand Daddy Purple: Purple means a starry night. A dreamy delight? The hangover of all cannabis gets #4 on the list of the best cannabis in the world because of its grape/berry aroma and sedative effects. Just like your grand dad, this cultivar will have you glued to your rocking chair.

5.) GSC Formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies: Not the peppery smelling forum cut but this original GSC smells like cat urine. Possible stronger than OGkush, GSC boast a powerful euphoric happy high. When ammonia meets kush GSC is born and deserves 5th place in the top ten cannabis varieties of all time.

6.) Chem Dog: Relaxing, cool, smelling fresh how can you all ready not like chem dog? Chem dog takes the funk out of kush and adds in some chemical smell. The potency is nice, the relaxing effects are great and not sedative. The smell is fire. Chem dog you deserve a #6 in the best cannabis cultivars of all time. Damn dawg(dog)!

7.) Blue Dream: So floral you almost though it was a dryer sheet mixed in with your cannabis stash. Blue dream is a plant that provides people with an uplifting effect while calming the nerves. Although not very potent, blue dream is such a functional relaxing daytime medicine it deserves a #7 in the best cannabis cultivars of all times.

8.) Cheese: How can cannabis even smell this cheesey? Some of the best uplifting cannabis plants come from the cheese family. Cheese is so cheesy that it only made #8 on our top ten cannabis varieties of all time but its effects are still powerful.

9.) Jack Herer: honoring the hemp activist with cannabis cultivars is cool especially when its an IBL. This Lemony uplifting plant also has calming effects. The buzz can be too powerful for some when consuming jack herer, emotions are maximized. The heart will race upon consumption of some varieties. Some of Jacks effects are not good for anxiety. 

10.) Peanut Butter Breath: Peanut flavors have enter the cannabis world. Peanut Butter Breath is a kush breed plant exhibiting nutty flavors with earth. Mills nutrients get them smelling nutty. Testing just how far cannabis terpenes and genetics can go! With its unique flavor alone peanut butter breath made #10 on the best cannabis cultivars of all time.


The top ten cannabis cultivars of all times were chosen based on the terpene profile, medicinal effects, and quality. Each cannabis variety chosen encompasses all the primary smells on earth: Fragrant, Minty, Decayed, Pungent, Chemical, Woody, Citrus, Nutty, Sweet, and Fruity.

Top Ten Cannabis Varieties of all time
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Top Ten Cannabis Varieties of all time
The top ten Cannabis varieties of all time with a description for each cultivar. Spoiler alert, OG kush got number 1!
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