Soul Assassin OG Kush

Soul Assassin OG kush Cultivar Profile:

Soul assassin OG kush is an offspring or phenotype from the original OG kush. While soul assassin lacks potency for medical grade depression relief its makes up for in long lasting clear headed highs for people suffering from anxiety. The cannabis cultivar soul assassin og kush is an indica originating from the hindu kush mountains but the high leans in the direction of uplifting and awake but also relaxing the nervous system at the same time. The Soul assassin smells like pine sap or pine trees and like fuel. The fuel smell is similar to turpentine(paint thinner) rather that of diesel! A pleasant kush smell with a highgrade buzz. The terpenes are bold with this one, soul assassin can smell extremely strong at times.

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Soul Assassin OG Kush
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