Original Glue #4

Original Glue #4 Cultivar Profile

Original Glue is an sedative leaning cultivar hybrid that comes in many different variety, GG#4 being the most popular. GG#4 has dark green leaf that can resemble and OG kush but supposedly breed with Sour diesels and chem D linage. The indica part of the chem D may be the secret ingredient to guerrilla glues popularity. Combining chem D genetics and sour Diesels make for a very powerful head high similar to wearing a tight headband which is how headband cannabis got its name. One big thing that stands out in gorilla glue cannabis, the stinky smell. Gorilla glue will often smell the same from batch to batch and smells almost skunky. The smell is musky, rotten, swampy and sweet.  Real noses can smell some pepper notes behind the skunky aroma similar to the Forum Cut GSC. This peppery and green herbs can smell like chicken cooking but the Gorilla glue is mostly stinky and strong smelling. The gorilla glue smell is hard to describe but we think it smells like undercooked macaroni pasta. The Gorilla glue lines are very vigorous plants that produce quality buds and good yields. Guerrilla glue is know for packing on potency early and is a good indoor crop that finishes slightly early. Gorilla glue is great for beginners and can handle over watering and common rookie mistakes made inGorilla Glue cannabis gardening cannabis.

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GG#4 (Original Glue)
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