How to Identify a Kush Cannabis Plant

The Kush genetics are strong: How to Identify the Kush Cannabis linage

Often many find themselves conflicted over indica and sativa and that’s because it is misrepresented. Many have had that anxiety producing, heart racing effect from cannabis that shies them away from trying other varieties that are dubbed “Sativa” vs the “Indica” cannabis plant. The problem here is that many uplifting cannabis varieties are also “Indica” in the sense that they came from India. So lets put all this Indica VS Sativa wordage aside and dive deep into how to identify a kush cannabis plant. Here we will discuss the two types of kush, Pakistani kush(Sour Diesel) and Afghani kush(OGkush). We also touch on the Afghani Hashplant.


An offset(Picture Below) at the base of the leaf can be found on both Afghani kush and Pakistani purple or Pakistani diesel. It is normally 3 fingers of the leaf offset by 2 below it. Look careful and you can see it. The OG kush and this Pakistan variety share other traits like rounded small fingers at the base of the leaf giving hint that it wants a humid environment to thrive. Another example besides an even number of leaf fingers is that both Afghani kush and Pakistan kush can get really dark leaf. One example that may set the Afghani OG kush apart from the Pakistani kush is the purple/red color on the leaf stems as shown above.

paki kush

purple kush

Pictured below we see a GG#4 cannabis cultivar with a 4 leaf pattern. The purple leaf stem in the back on fully developed leaf are a sign this GG is from the Afghanistan kush linage rather the Pakistan. Ferns share similar purple stems and are a sign they want to grow in the shaded forest. The Afghani kush smells more piney, swampy, a creek or like undercooked pasta. The Pakistan variety is more earthy like sour diesel but also they have purple variety like grapes and berries. GG#4 can almost smell skunky at times.


The OG kush from the Hindu kush mountains is refereed to as Afghani Kush. This kush produces 2 small fingers on the leaf base that have no serration. This adapted leaf shape helps with humid areas that also get hot. Often found at high altitudes in an area that smells like pine trees, creek and a temperate forest. This type of kush produces purple stemmed thick leaf. Over watering with this variety is rarely an issue as they thrive in wet soils. Not only can this plant take high humidity levels during bloom but also extreme heat. The plants leaf fingers are generally very wide overlapping each other significantly. This type of indica likes to produce 5-7 fingers and rarely anymore unlike the hashplant(also Afghani) which produce many more wide fingers on the leaf. The dark green leaf is sometimes black during bloom and is optimal for shaded habitats.

ogkush leaf offset

GSCF formerly know as girl scout cookies Forum cut is a pheno that has a lot of B-Caryophyllene and smells like black pepper. This kush has thick leaf and also has some red leaf stems. The GSCF grows similar leaf patterns to OG kush and Pakistani kush varieties. The forum cut GSC comes from the original GSC which can smell like kush and urine at times. GSC cultivars are from Afghanistan kush but may have a secret ingredient too.

GSC cannabis

OG Kush Leaf offset:


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