Grand Daddy Purple

Grand Daddy Purple Cultivar Profile:

Ah yes the grand dad of all purple cultivars, the Grand Daddy Purple also know as GDP for short. Grand Daddy Purple is a famous and legendary old school purple cultivar and if we had to guess we would say it came from Pakistan. Grand Daddy Purple cannabis tastes like Grapes and berries which gives it a very sweet “purple” smell. The effects from consuming Grand Daddy Purple are normally extremely sedative and effects the body and head. Grand daddy Purple has bag appeal with frosty purple buds that are somewhat dense, followed by orange pistols(Hairs). Mendocino Purple may be the same thing as Grand Daddy Purple. Grand Daddy Purple led to famous cannabis cultivars like Purple urkle which carries a similar grape or “purple” flavor. Grand Daddy Purple is the hangover of all cannabis plants and not all the effects it produces are necessarily positive. Some purple cannabis cultivars like GDP are heavy on the lungs and throat at times. After consuming large amounts of GDP patients often find themselves groggy with a headache in the morning as if they had a slight hangover from consuming to much Grand Daddy Purple cannabis. With flavor, looks, and potency it’s easy to see how Grand Daddy is a staple in California and popular in others ares of the USA.Grand Daddy Purple


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Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis Cultivar
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