What does OG MEAN?

OG is the abbreviation for organic. During the 1990s people started demanding organic foods vs the GMO counter part. OG to the west coast beach vibe means ocean grown. Stories of ocean grown VS mountain grown are passed around, true or not its true for the west coastal people. OG was coined by rappers at the same time to mean Original Gangster. The closest source we found to the OG says the name came from an OG in Humboldt California. He was the “Old grower” of the kush. His kush plant was called OG Kush because he was an old grower of that kush.

The original OG kush comes from Humboldt California. It is said to be the worlds best Lifted sativa crossed with the worlds best downer Indica kush. Being a hybrid we would expect OG to mean something for the sativa side that was breed in. Our best guess is some kind of skunk high in nerolidol and linalool crossed with an india Kush from the kush mountains. The offspring of og kush can exhibit purple stems like Thai cannabis.

What is OG Kush?

OG kush is a hybrid cannabis plant used for treating depression and anxiety. OG kush was created around 1990 and lives underground in Humboldt California. OG kush boast a powerful terpene profile with a very fragrant smell of pine, marshmallows, earth, flowers,  and wetlands.

The Original OG Kush Terpene Analysis:
  • Nerolidol: .85%
  • Myrcene: .57%
  • R-limonene: .44%
  • B-caryophyllene: .43%
  • linalool: .19%
  • alpha terpineol .17%
  • alpha-Humulene: .13%
  • Farnesene: .13%

24% THC 

0% CBD.

Why is OG Kush so popular?

OG kush is popular for its high quality scent. Even burnt OG kush cannabis smells pleasant unlike most. OG kush is potent and helps people with depression and anxiety according to testimonies and studies of the OG kush terpenes.

Best OG kush in California 2019

1.) Double og chem under the brand flow kana grown by rebel farms. Sold out early in California and dissipated from the west coast fast! Breed for PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Classic OG smell and taste leaning towards a clean og smell. The buzz was legendary. At 54$ for 3.5 grams no one would ever complain because the cannabis lasted so long.

2.) 707 OG by peak. Testing in at 21% thc and boasting a classic og terpene profile the 707 OG is nice but not the original. This ones for the true og heads.

3.) Some batches of the King Louie by “Source” come out fire. its worth mentioning the King when it comes to that earthy OG. Some batches are not as good.

4.) Mega wellness og by nameless will be expensive but it also flies off the self with its nice og kush terpene profile and sweet buzz. Around 75$ for 3.5 grams and always testing in above 20% THC.

5.)Bare farms got a good diamond OG if you can find it on the shelf! Always sold out but for good reason. Diamond OG shines and smells like classic og. The effects are potent.

6.)Fire cut LLC has what we think is the best cultivar from them, fire OG kush. While not the biggest hitter it makes up for in smell taste and long lasting effects. Fire cut LLC has a nice little OG cut but could use work!

7.) Honey dew farms is never sold out so this OG while not the best is worth a mention for reliability. If you need something thats in the og style but always stocked try the SFV OG by Honey dew farms. Other watered down OGS can be found from honeydew too like the sherbet.

8.)Boss hog OG by dime bag was a big surprise! Lemony jack flavors with an og high! Never seen it before. Testing in reasonable THC levels the buzz was worth a mention. All 50 packs sold out in 1 day.

9.) Henry’s upped their game and brought in a nice platinum og kush with a classic og kush smell before Christmas. Potency was ok and at 33$ for 3.5G we had to get it before it was all sold out. Sold out fast!

10.)Deserving higher on the list but at the same time it was too rare. The buzz from the Dog walker by Emerald family farms was insanely chill. No wonder this gem was so exclusive as the emerald family farms work withe the original og kush cut! Price was great but the stock was low!

Top Ten Cannabis Varieties of all time

1.) OG Kush: The Highest quality terpenes for long lasting fragrance. Strong powerful highs and used for the breeding stock of many cultivars today. OG kush lands itself in the top ten cannabis varieties of all times. OG is clearly #1 and the best cannabis in the world. Its not the most potent but it very potent and long lasting. OG kush smells like roasting marsh mellows in the best smelling forest.

2.) Sour Diesel: The only real true earthy uplifting cannabis plant that will numb and induce activity in  the front lobe of the brain. A power house for depression and many consumers feel #woke after feeling the powerful effects of the cannabis cultivar sour diesel. There is no going back after consuming the sour diesel. You look at the world in a new, better way. Sour diesel is so strong, tasty and pleasant it lands a #2 in the best cannabis varieties in the world.

3.) Skunk: With legends of people going crazy to the orange tasting buds that relax you in California, skunk will take you on a ride through multiple terpene profiles and give birth to some cool cannabis varieties. Skunk is powerful, social, and very euphoric deserving a spot at #3 for the best cannabis of all time.

4.) Grand Daddy Purple: Purple means a starry night. A dreamy delight? The hangover of all cannabis gets #4 on the list of the best cannabis in the world because of its grape/berry aroma and sedative effects. Just like your grand dad, this cultivar will have you glued to your rocking chair.

5.) GSC Formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies: Not the peppery smelling forum cut but this original GSC smells like cat urine. Possible stronger than OGkush, GSC boast a powerful euphoric happy high. When ammonia meets kush GSC is born and deserves 5th place in the top ten cannabis varieties of all time.

6.) Chem Dog: Relaxing, cool, smelling fresh how can you all ready not like chem dog? Chem dog takes the funk out of kush and adds in some chemical smell. The potency is nice, the relaxing effects are great and not sedative. The smell is fire. Chem dog you deserve a #6 in the best cannabis cultivars of all time. Damn dawg(dog)!

7.) Blue Dream: So floral you almost though it was a dryer sheet mixed in with your cannabis stash. Blue dream is a plant that provides people with an uplifting effect while calming the nerves. Although not very potent, blue dream is such a functional relaxing daytime medicine it deserves a #7 in the best cannabis cultivars of all times.

8.) Cheese: How can cannabis even smell this cheesey? Some of the best uplifting cannabis plants come from the cheese family. Cheese is so cheesy that it only made #8 on our top ten cannabis varieties of all time but its effects are still powerful.

9.) Jack Herer: honoring the hemp activist with cannabis cultivars is cool especially when its an IBL. This Lemony uplifting plant also has calming effects. The buzz can be too powerful for some when consuming jack herer, emotions are maximized. The heart will race upon consumption of some varieties. Some of Jacks effects are not good for anxiety. 

10.) Peanut Butter Breath: Peanut flavors have enter the cannabis world. Peanut Butter Breath is a kush breed plant exhibiting nutty flavors with earth. Mills nutrients get them smelling nutty. Testing just how far cannabis terpenes and genetics can go! With its unique flavor alone peanut butter breath made #10 on the best cannabis cultivars of all time.


The top ten cannabis cultivars of all times were chosen based on the terpene profile, medicinal effects, and quality. Each cannabis variety chosen encompasses all the primary smells on earth: Fragrant, Minty, Decayed, Pungent, Chemical, Woody, Citrus, Nutty, Sweet, and Fruity.

A deeper look at Cannabis and Anxiety: Looking for compounds that work

Introduction to cannabis: A psychiatric, all natural herbal medicine used for over 2,000 years

dna reserve privadaCannabis is a rare species in the plant kingdom in that it has potential for fast breeding projects and does great in the wild. The cannabis plant has been cultivated for over a long period of time by mankind in many different regions in which it grows wild. These cannabis plants grown in wild regions of the world are known as landrace cannabis plants. The test results of non-equatorial landrace cannabis differs in compounds to those in tropical zones next to the equator. Each landrace cannabis plant contains its own unique healing profile. Some African wild cannabis plants have a modified version of THC called THC-V adding to a more potent euphoric high. It is possible that cannabis over time bred next to other plants may start to mimic the same plant compounds to help it succeed in its environment making cannabis a pharmaceutical miracle and moldable medicine. Getting the right cannabis cultivar is the most important factor in using cannabis as a psychiatric medicine.

Anxiety: How it feels to smoke cannabis while you have anxiety or an anxiety attack

axniety When people feel anxiety its a yucky feeling inside the blood stream. When you are anxious you are not yourself and your body is collapsing from the over stimulated environment you put yourself in. When you finally worry so much you have an anxiety attack you feel the real physical damage that takes over your body from your sick nervous system. Cannabis high in plant compounds that smell like lemons are a dangerous mix for those suffering from a panic attack and can cause a panic attack if you smoke them. These tend to be equatorial cannabis plants but are not limited to them only. Anxiety does not stem from the use of cannabis but many specific cannabis cultivars can amplify the effects of anxiety that was already there. For this reason many have tried cannabis and did not like the feeling or it made their condition worse. Poorly breed cultivars or random crossed hybrids will yield wild results making each new amateur cultivar a watered down low grade herb that may not have safe compounds for daily consumption for those suffering from psychiatric illnesses.

Anxiety and cannabis: Getting the right variety for anxiety

Anxiety and depression go hand in hand so you have to ask yourself if you are are also depressed. Many people who are depressed also suffer from anxiety. Afghanistan varieties high in the terpene a-pinene and of quality may be a perfect candidate for people suffering from bad anxiety or ADHD. The soul assassin OG kush has plenty of pinene and in studies is shown to reduce anxiety from this compound alone. A popular cannabis variety for anxiety in the united states is called blue dream. Blue dream was breed from professionals and the genetics are partly from India where cannabis has been cultivated for different medicines in ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. If you are depressed other strains like OG kush and GSC will help with your happiness but have some drowsy side effects at times. Its important to not get these drowsy type of cannabis cultivars if you only have anxiety and not depression as well.

Anxiety and Cannabis: Calming the nervous system naturally

Many cannabis varieties affect you with a wide array of feelings. Equatorial cannabis like jack herer may produce an upbeat, tight muscle, heart racing type of buzz that is bad for anxiety and depression but fine for those who need some energy while they smoke. Many cannabis plants on the markets today cause your mind to race and your nervous system to be jolted. Those suffering from anxiety or depression should focus on cannabis that calms the mind, muscles, and nervous system. Many plants that calm the nerves have the same plant compounds found in kush cannabis varieties from India’s kush mountain range. Terpenes heavily influence other compounds like THC, CBD, and CBN. Many online sources have claimed CBD as a medicine for anxiety but we here at OGKHUSH.com believe that CBD is great for other things but not lasting anxiety or depression. Terpenes like trans nerolidol have the ability to make plant medicine more efficient and healthier to consume while amping up other desired effects.

Terpenes: Plant compounds to relax the nervous system from anxiety and attacks.

We need certain plant compounds to relax the muscles in the body and the nerves. Many plant compounds are complicated and work off many other compounds. The best strains for anxiety and depression are going to be versions of the OG kush and a plant called blue dream. Pakistan kush and Afghanistan kush both have the ability to crush anxiety and depression given they have the right terpene content. Here is a list of terpenes found in certain cannabis varieties and the effects on the human body according to scientific studies on these terpenes. *OG kush contains many if not all of these terpenes listed below.

  • Nerolidol: Boost potency and longevity of important terpenes listed below and many others.
  • Myrcene: Sedative, relaxant.
  • Linalool: Sedative, Dizziness. *Increases other terpenes effects.
  • Limonene: Appetite suppressant.
  • alpha Bisabolol: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-irritant, Anti-microbial, Analgesic.
  • alpha Pinene: Anti-anxiety, anti-Depressant, for staying focused and in a good mood.
  • B-caryophyllene: Anti-anxiety, sedative, Body relaxant, anxiolytic, antidepressant.
  • alpha terpineol: Anti-anxiety, sedative, calms nervous system, anxiolytic, antidepressant. 
  • alpha-Humulene: Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory,  appetite suppressant.
  • Farnesene: Anti-inflammatory, spasms.
  • Borneol: hemorrhoid relief, arthritis, antibacterial.
  • Eucalyptol: colds, cramps, asthma, heals wounds and minor sprains.
Cannabis breakthrough vs Modern medicine anti-psychotics

The biggest break through in future medicine will be from the results of the patients using cannabis kush for anxiety. Modern drugs to treat anxiety and depression as well as a whole host of psychotic issues are dangerous to the mind, organs, and body. The lack of empathy seems to be causing an issue in modern day medicine and there is nobody doing anything about it. The pharmaceutical giants have become corrupt pushing poisonous drugs on the youth and sensationalizing the morality of prescription drug use. Below is a video warning you of the dangers of anti-psychotic medications.

Plants from the kush mountain region have the power to relieve anxiety and depression while making the patient feel empathy towards others. This great sense of empathy suggest that all natural medication like cannabis are a great alternative and deserve intense unbiased professional study for the subject. Not all cannabis causes empathy and in fact its rare due to the legal status of cannabis. Some cannabis can make you less empathic so getting the right cultivar is key and we recommend you check out OG kush with a terpene profile similar to this:

Recipe for empathy, anxiety and depression:

The Original OG Kush Terpene Analysis:
  • Nerolidol: .85%
  • Myrcene: .57%
  • R-limonene: .44%
  • B-caryophyllene: .43%
  • linalool: .19%
  • alpha terpineol .17%
  • alpha-Humulene: .13%
  • Farnesene: .13%

24% THC in the Original OG kush Cultivar. 0% CBD.

How to Identify a Kush Cannabis Plant

The Kush genetics are strong: How to Identify the Kush Cannabis linage

Often many find themselves conflicted over indica and sativa and that’s because it is misrepresented. Many have had that anxiety producing, heart racing effect from cannabis that shies them away from trying other varieties that are dubbed “Sativa” vs the “Indica” cannabis plant. The problem here is that many uplifting cannabis varieties are also “Indica” in the sense that they came from India. So lets put all this Indica VS Sativa wordage aside and dive deep into how to identify a kush cannabis plant. Here we will discuss the two types of kush, Pakistani kush(Sour Diesel) and Afghani kush(OGkush). We also touch on the Afghani Hashplant.


An offset(Picture Below) at the base of the leaf can be found on both Afghani kush and Pakistani purple or Pakistani diesel. It is normally 3 fingers of the leaf offset by 2 below it. Look careful and you can see it. The OG kush and this Pakistan variety share other traits like rounded small fingers at the base of the leaf giving hint that it wants a humid environment to thrive. Another example besides an even number of leaf fingers is that both Afghani kush and Pakistan kush can get really dark leaf. One example that may set the Afghani OG kush apart from the Pakistani kush is the purple/red color on the leaf stems as shown above.

paki kush

purple kush

Pictured below we see a GG#4 cannabis cultivar with a 4 leaf pattern. The purple leaf stem in the back on fully developed leaf are a sign this GG is from the Afghanistan kush linage rather the Pakistan. Ferns share similar purple stems and are a sign they want to grow in the shaded forest. The Afghani kush smells more piney, swampy, a creek or like undercooked pasta. The Pakistan variety is more earthy like sour diesel but also they have purple variety like grapes and berries. GG#4 can almost smell skunky at times.


The OG kush from the Hindu kush mountains is refereed to as Afghani Kush. This kush produces 2 small fingers on the leaf base that have no serration. This adapted leaf shape helps with humid areas that also get hot. Often found at high altitudes in an area that smells like pine trees, creek and a temperate forest. This type of kush produces purple stemmed thick leaf. Over watering with this variety is rarely an issue as they thrive in wet soils. Not only can this plant take high humidity levels during bloom but also extreme heat. The plants leaf fingers are generally very wide overlapping each other significantly. This type of indica likes to produce 5-7 fingers and rarely anymore unlike the hashplant(also Afghani) which produce many more wide fingers on the leaf. The dark green leaf is sometimes black during bloom and is optimal for shaded habitats.

ogkush leaf offset

GSCF formerly know as girl scout cookies Forum cut is a pheno that has a lot of B-Caryophyllene and smells like black pepper. This kush has thick leaf and also has some red leaf stems. The GSCF grows similar leaf patterns to OG kush and Pakistani kush varieties. The forum cut GSC comes from the original GSC which can smell like kush and urine at times. GSC cultivars are from Afghanistan kush but may have a secret ingredient too.

GSC cannabis

OG Kush Leaf offset: