Royal Highness Palm desert

Royal Highness Dispensary Review

Royal Highness is a shop located behind elpaseo in Palm Desert California. The shops grand opening¬† was a few years ago and they claim to serve medical & recreational cannabis consumers. This is OGKHUSH’s review on the dispensary Roral Highness in Palm Desert California.

The opening for royal highness was a bad start from the beginning. The store lacked product, had long lines and waits, and was selling cannabis for over 70$ an 1/8th(3.5g). The stores buyer managed to get some watered down og kush¬† called “Megawellness og” and also a similar og gassy gut called the “nameless og” for the grand opening. This bud was 75$ an 1/8! Wow but like any insane reviewers i bought some anyways. The cannabis was great, good for depression, classic og flav and while not the best quality it “got the job done” and for 75$ is good the job done on the wallet too! This would be the last of any OG kush or “happy weed” that would be stoked at royal highness.

OG kush

Every week or so i would look onto the busy weedmap site and see all the products but they would never restock any potent og kush or highgrade so i would go to other stores. Weeks turned into months and after multiple request no real answer was given as to why the could restock nameless genetics who carried a watered down og kush. A watered down og kush is one that could be potent but not as good as the original. The shops focus seemed to be “sell sell sell” where bud tenders and buyers for the store focus on THC level and less on terpene content or profile.

Crony Capitalism

The small farmer has been cut out of the cannabis industry making way for inexperienced farmers with brown cannabis not safe for daily consumption. The poorly untested new genetics taste bad, dont get you high in a positive way. The cannabis plant is supposed to be legal yet no shops in California can constantly supply the worlds most popular variety, og kush. The black market thrives with strong og kush while the legal market is having its bubble burst from an over saturated market. Cannabis “legalization” in California only allows the rich to make more money and the poor remain in poverty.

The reviews

After calling the Royal highness dispensary where i got treated poorly i left a review on a website. The response was

“Wrong store, sorry we keep exotics on our shelves, no brown flower sold here EVER! You are able to smell and see all purchases, no gimmicks just pure gas. We are Royal Highness!!!! SMH so sad people keep confusing us with different location only Palm Desert store located on the second floor.”

I had the right store! But they do not stock exotics only what they think are exotic. They do have brown flower go check em out! Funny how the say they have “pure gas” but NO OG KUSH or anything earthy, piney, swampy or potent. They do not have cannabis for anxiety and depression. The left me another review reply:

“How do I reply to a person who goes out of their way to leave a negative review on every store in the Coachella Valley, I am not sure if you have a bad day everyday, but to wish that a business close is just pure evil, may god bless you and the hole in your heart, because the god I serve will continue to prosper our business and block negativity, we wish our other stores in the valley continue success we are retailers, we are not producers no cultivators we retail good products. I hope that one day you will get the store you desire or become a farmer and learn good business practices but this is not a way to get there. I am always available at the store Royal Highness if you needed to voice your opinions in person just ask for the manager.”

This is not true. I had left MANY full 5 star reviews on weedmap but many companies have had to get shut down from regulations that all my 5 star reviews are now deleted out of my control by weedmap. This response was not sincere or genuine. I am looking out for people who are poor and suffer from mental illnesses and use cannabis for relief.

I left many negative reviews on many shops lately because the quality has gone too far down and the price too far up. They think its evil for me to wish they closed up doors and business but i think its evil to sell brown or low grade cannabis to patients needing relief when better quality exists. These people are so uninformed about cannabis and quality i cant really have a constructive conversation with them. They are conceded and on a high horse.

Overall my experience with this cannabis shop has been horrible. The prices are high, the cannabis is low quality with no OG KUSH in stock(Most popular variety). Royal Highness in Palm Desert is your basic wannabe glass case high end shop without the product to match. Many workers are uninformed, arrogant, ignorant on terpenes and potency and push for THC percentages vs terpene profiles. This shop is compley useless for medical cannabis and the community that drives it. At no point does going into royal highness feel like cannabis legalization.