What is Cannabidiol (CBD)

cannabidiol also referred to as CBD – A plant compound from certain varieties of the cannabis plant including medical cannabis and industrial hemp. Cannabidiol is gaining popularity for its use as an herbal medicine in the united states and other parts of the world for treating physical and psychological pain. Cannabidiol is white or clear and is odorless. Cannabidiol is consumed orally, smoked, vaporized or placed under the tongue as a medicine.

FAQ about CBD

Question: Does CBD get you high?

Answer: It is a common misconception that CBD does not get you high. Unlike THC in the cannabis plant CBD has other effects that are not related to a feeling(psychoactive) of consuming THC but rather its own unique high of happy and focused.

Question: What is the buzz over CBD?

Answer: CBD also known as cannabidiol is showing promising effects and safety for people suffering from pain caused by inflammation. It is also getting attention in studies for people with anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. Simply put, CBD is safe and effective for many people trying to get relief from pain both physical and mental according to testimonies. The hype is real but more research is needed.

Question: What does CBD do for people and animals?

Answer: CBD has analgesic, anti-convulsant, muscle relaxant, anxiolytic, neuroprotective, anti-oxidant, and anti-psychotic proprieties when used as a medicine.

Question: Does CBD make you tired?

Answer: Yes, CBD will often make the patient or consumer feel drowsy and tired. Be careful when consuming CBD.

Question: Is there a difference between smoking CBD and eating it?

Answer: Consuming CBD will often negate the effects of THC while passed through the liver. Vaping or smoking CBD might have a different effect. Mixing CBD and THC while smoking may lead to a hazy clouded mind while smoking THC and eating CBD may contract the THCs mild phycoative feeling and increase focus.

Question: Where can i purchase CBD from USA lab tested trusted sources?

Answer: OGKUSHCBD contains links to our trusted sources. You can find many different products and there is a nice search feature to find what your looking for and the correct potency.

A complete Guide to vaporizing cannabis concentrates

We have all seen the bad reviews online about E-pens and E-cartridges (Vape cartridge) not working well for some users when they toke up on their favorite cannabis concentrate(cannabis oil). This guide will help you to NEVER get a bad cartridge again so you can save money and write reviews based on the products content, The oil itself. Vaporizing cannabis is fairly simple, the battery as well as most vape cartridges are fairly easy to use once you understand how they work. This is a complete guide to vaporizing cannabis concentrates and contains helpful tips to repair, rebuild, or troubleshoot cannabis vape cartridges and battery units.vape cannabis

The standard vape cartridge

While the looks of many vaporizing cartridges and batteries can differ the main design of functionality are often similar or the same. The standard vape cartridges has a 510 thread connection. This “510” will be helpful to you in searches when trying to find 510 cartridges and battery replacement parts. The cartridge consist of a simple design.

  1. Screw on tip where you inhale(we like round)
  2. Glass tube holding oil(often found with a plug on the tip of the tube by the mouth piece to fill oil)
  3. Metal coil with a wick running through at the base of the tube.(you cant see this)
  4. Threaded Male 510 connection base(Negative electrical connection)
  5. Metal plug in the center on the bottom(Positive electrical connection below)

How the standard vape cartridge works: Cannabis oil is placed inside the top of the new cartridge. The oil fills the cartridge and enters small pin holes at the base of the glass tube. Inside the small holes the cannabis oil or resin fills up a wick or piece of material to soak up the oil. The coil is coiled around the wick. Once the cannabis cartridge is screwed onto a  female 510 connection with a battery and the button pressed, electricity is sent to the coil heating it up red hot. The cannabis oil vaporizes at different temperatures based on your battery settings when you apply electricity in small amounts.

Troubleshooting the standard 510 threaded vape cartridge

Every vape cartridge needs maintenance every once in awhile. here are some simple tricks to fixing a cartridge that is broken.

  • Clogged cartridges are mainly from terpene dense quality oils or from sitting a bit. Try a new cartridge flavor if yours is too thick. To unclog apply sucking pressure with a piece of material over the tip so you don’t splatter hot oil in your mouth(button on). After the clog is removed you can vape and inhale normally. Thick oils need to be unclogged every time with a hairdryer.
  • Dirty 510 thread connection: Check your battery and cartridges 510 connection for debris. Clean with alcohol or just a paper towel and blow dryer.
  • Tasting burnt: Always throw away burnt tasting cartridges for your safety. Some batteries have to much volts and are to big for the small standard vape cartridges. Get a variable voltage battery so you can control temperature. Each cartridge as well as oil viscosity will have different voltage requirements. Turning up the volts may give you a better buzz but taste burnt while the later will give you flavor and a mild buzz. Some cannabis cutivars taste like burning rubber so its very hard to tell what exactly is going on in your epen. Your body will let you know what is safe, listen to your lungs and throat.
  • *Best Tip – Cartridge tunning: Get familiar with the most common cause of a vape cartridge not working, the plug. The metal plug on the bottom of vape cartridges gets push to far up inside the cartridge base after some use. When you screw the cartridge on the battery the metal plug doesn’t make contact with the battery base causing weak hits, battery dying, and no vaporizing action at all from the cartridge. The fix is rather simple, take a needle or your finger nail and slightly pull the bottom plug out a big. Just a couple paper thickness in size can have dramatic results. Make sure the metal plug is further out then the 510 threads allowing it to come into contact properly when place on a 510 threaded epen battery.
  • Leaking: use the small rubber caps and place the cartridges upright at room temperature. Clean leaked oil.

The vaporizer battery attachment with a 510 female thread

The battery is an important component in vaporizing cannabis and often overlooked by the consumer. The Quality of the 510 thread, battery and epen design will effect you experience. When purchasing a battery for vaporizing cannabis you want to make sure you get variable voltage, big battery, quality design that is safe and wont cause a fire or explode.vape pen set

Trouble shooting a 510 threaded vaporizer battery unit

  • Cartridge does not work: After testing to make sure the cartridge works on another battery or that you have done troubleshooting for the cartridge you can move on to fix the issues with a battery. The most common reason why a vape epen might not work is that the battery is dead and just needs a charge. Hook the battery up to a 510 thread usb charger by screwing in on until the light blinks. Allow the unit to charge 15-45 minutes or based on your product Manuel for the proper charge times.
  • Cleaning 510 threaded battery unit: Dirty 510 thread are the main reason you cant get a charge. Cleaning the 510 threads often will prevent the charger from getting stuck and breaking on the epen. The clean connection allows for a btter charge and hit on the epen. Keeping the threads clean prevents thread danger and prolong use of the epen battery and threads. We recommend checking out magnetic 510 threads adapted for both the male and female 510 applications.
  • Voltage to low/high: Some cartridges like high volts while others like low. Play with your variable voltage to get cartridges to work correctly. As you turn up your voltage you can draw faster to get a bigger hit and to allow the coil to cool down some as you turn up the volts(heat). When using a low voltage draw slower so the coil doesn’t cool down to much while your inhaling it.

    Variable Voltage Adjustment
  • Overused battery: If your epen has been through a year of use or heavy use and is not working a replacement is necessary. Batteries in epen do not last forever. Make sure to buy reputable quality brands so your product can last a long time and you will be safe.

If this guide has helped you or someone you know share it so others can see!