Skunk Cultivar Profile

I remember the days of a cultivar called skunk #1 it had this unique Vaseline like smell. Personally I was not a fan of this smell and unique rare taste. The high seem to be fairly edgy and dull with not much potency. Now lets fast forward in time some years… I am in Maui Hawaii and have been disappointed in the shwag so far all of a sudden I come across some Skunk cannabis grown and curred to perfection. It has the same smell as my past experience but stronger and the buds were not wispy like the skunk i had before this. The Buds were so plump and swollen it looked unreal like fat grapes for calyx. This skunk also smelled like Vaseline but maybe had some pepper notes. The High from tropical grown skunk is very potent and ranks on the most potent herb i have smoked. The high from skunk cultivars grown in the tropics makes for a social high that can put you in a haze! This skunk mostly effects the head and when grown right can be powerful and efficient for the consumer. Skunk Cannabis might be the backbone of many strains today and the original is very rare to see grown right. Skunk Cannabis is consider a legendary strain. Skunk Cannabis is responsible for orange citrus smelling varieties like Agent orange and California orange bud.