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pineapple express cannabis

Pineapple Express cannabis¬† is a variety of female seeds from G13 Labs. Legend has it that the Pineapple express was created by gorilla growers in Hawaii. The Cannabis they grew was planted next to the train tracks in a pineapple field to hide them. These plants were called the pineapple express and would take you on a train ride through the express. G13 Labs did not disappoint with this all female variety and the pineapple express cultivar deserves recognition for its healing compounds and quality. The pineapple express by G13 labs grows medium sized buds that become dense. Giving extra soil under this plant during bloom will produce oily buds that are more potent and is the secret to pineapple express growing in soil. Pineapple express is a cross of a Hawaiian Skunk cultivar and Big Bud(Large cola cultivar). The pineapples express is ready to harvest around October or sooner. Root bound pots of soil seem to speed up flower but is not recommenced for potency and quality. The final product of pineapple express will smell like sweet pineapples on the plant. The tropical notes from the pineapple express fade away as they cure in a jar. The smell becomes that of funky feet in a very odd but pleasant way. The Pineapples express effects the head and body when consumed or smoked. The potency is rather high and the quality of the herb is very good, connoisseur quality. Tolerance build up with this strain is low while potency high, it taste great and is very easy to grow and the seeds are stable which is why we think it’s G13 labs number 1 seller. The pineapple express cultivar can produce a lot of herb but the stems are thin and weak for its medium dense buds, expect to tie them up. G13 Labs version of pineapple express fits exactly in line with the legend being that its genetics are of legendary quality.


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Pineapple Express by G13 labs
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