OG Kush #18


OG Kush #18 Reserve Privada (DNA)

dna reserve privadaThe OG 18 has all the signs of a quality OG kush. This batch from 2017/2018 was of quality and puts the myth to rest that the OG 18 had somehow lost quality over time. The purple buds of the OG kush #18 has a great perfume smell with that signature earthy soil flavor from a real OG kush. This plant is high in mycrene and is primary earthy on the taste and smoke. The buds where very dense and the plant produced some great quality smoke with a great yield given its an OG kush variety. The OG kush 18 by reserve privada finishes fast and it mostly Indica. The OG likes to shoot lanky thick spears with long inter-spaced nodes and golf balls sized buds. The stems of the leaf turn purple or pink at times and the og kush 18 turns purple or black in the cold. The OG 18 is potent herb but not extremely potent as some have claimed. The OG 18 has all the kush qualities if your looking for the indica version of the OG kush with the earthy perfume taste. We didnt find the OG 18 to be sour but very pleasant high grade cannabis genetics that deserve a run by any og kush fan.

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OG Kush #18
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