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Diablo cookies cannabis

If you thought Og kush varieties were funky check out the Diablo Cookies cannabis cultivar! The Hybrid cross hits you, primary in the body relaxing you while getting you in a good mood. The looks of Diablo Cookies bud are almost unreal and cartoon like. The Lime green Buds are equally covered with neon bright orange hairs. Diablo cookies cultivar taste like og kush and GG#4 but takes on the swampiness as dominate in the cross. The smell is that of when you pull a tarp or cover off a pool or pond. Its a wet moist funky smell that is less on the pleasant side and almost skunky. When smoked or consumed the diablo cookies bud will leave a lingering taste and smell in the back of your throat that some cannabis connoisseurs might think it’s enjoyable while others, not so experienced with cannabis might say its too much.

Q.) Why did OGKHUSH.com rate this cultivar at 4/5 stars?

A.) While potent, Diablo cookies lacks the real power for a 5/5.

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Diablo Cookies
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