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How can you not get angry telling the story of forum cut Girl scout cookies plant variety of cannabis. FGSC for the sake of typing and lack of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a plant of cannabis bred from elite original girl scout cookie genetics but there is a catch with this beauty. FGSC comes from the online world brought to you straight out of a forum or online public chat if you will and brought pretendo back in the mix. FGSC is no doubt extra frosty, extra purple, and has neon hairs of orange but that doesn’t negate the efficacy as effective medicine. FGSC can have relaxing effects on the body while not effecting the head. The feeling is often dull and lackluster with a sedation effect.  Music becomes dull sounding. Where was I oh yea it smells like black pepper and did i mention the looks? The bag appeal on FGSC may even rival its original cookie looks but lacks on the medical side. FGSC is fools gold and everyone is mining it…


Every shop from block to block is stocked with names like “Dosido” “Purple Punch” and my favorite(Fake) “Gran daddy purple” and they are all the same plant cultivar, the peppery smelling forum cut girl scout cookies plant! The real dosidos and GDP are world class genetics and people are passing off “FGSC” because it looks the same or even better but the terpenes and desired effects are lacking. Real granddaddy purple defined the “purple” smell in weed. Forum cut cookies muddied the flooded over saturated market and gives cannabis a bad name in the sense of quality.


Whose got the dense frosty weed that is very purple and doesn’t get you stoned? If your a light weight we still cant fully endorse the lacking dull feeling created by this amateur random cookie cross. If you are not happy with your cookie genetics(because they lack potency) cut them down and find a nice og kush to work on. FGSC is the biggest fake on the market hurting both growers, consumers and the cannabis industry as a whole. This page may need major updates and includes 3/5 stars for FGSC. The forum cut girl scout cookies plant cultivar is the biggest plant fraud in the community tricking many into thinking they have had the “purps”.  Until further notice – “I got my eye on you, Forum cut!”

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Forum Cut Girl scout Cookies
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