Girl Scout Cookies

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Girl Scout Cookies also know as GSC is an OG Kush cross. Girl Scout cookies cannabis redefines cannabis flavor and gives the OG kush a run for its money on potency. There are two different types of cookies, GSC and the Forum cut GSC. The Forum cut is more peppery smelling and we will be discussing the original girls scout cookie strain here. The GSC potency gives many strains a run for their money as the high is almost instant and the effect can soar on for hours. GSC will give you a body high as well as a head high generally effecting the front lobe of the brain. GSC is a unique cultivar in that it can produce high potency buds regardless of the growing conditions. The GSC has a swampy OG kush smell that is musky but its almost overpowered by the cross in GSC that gives it a cat urine smell. GSC lands it self in the top ten strains of all times in its spotlight. The GSC medicine can help many with depression and anxiety as it’s breed from an OG kush. GSC takes the OG kush minty feeling to a whole other level with its effects on the tongue and throat which may contribute to its name, the Girl Scout Cookies. Purple and dark green leaves can be found woven throughout the dense small GSC buds. Like OG Kush, GSC gives up yield for potency. The smoke and bud of the GSC is quality and has medical compounds that can help with many common aliments. The GSC also goes by other names like “Thin Mint Cookies”.Girl Scout cookies cannabis

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Girl Scout Cookies cannabis
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