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dosidos cultivarThe Dosidos cannabis cultivar always has that bag appeal and batch to batch seems to be consistently potent bud. This cannabis variety seems like black pepper or the forum cut cookies with the funky swamp taste from the OG kush. Most users find the high of dosidos dosidos budto be relaxing and a combination of head and body change. The dosidos cultivar has plenty of b-caryophyllene  and may help with anxiety but you will find yourself hitting the couch if you cant keep up with the Dosidos. Dosidos really is connoisseur grade cannabis and deserves a spotlight next to its relatives the GSC and OG Kush. Dosidos does have the strength to be a real medicine. The Dosidos takes on more of the kush smell then it does in its other parent, the GSC.


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DosiDos Cannabis Cultivar
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