OG Kush

OG Kush Cultivar Profile:

OG Kush falls nothing short of legendary in the cannabis community. OG Kush is an Indica cannabis plant originating from the Hindu kush mountains in the middle east. The high altitude in the mountains range helps increase THC production and other plant compounds for potency. Planted next to the creeks, OG kush has developed a unique smell of wetlands. The OG kush stems are woody and well suited to the harsh conditions and high winds of the kush mountains. The word Khush in hindi means happy. This Indica plant was developed away from the tropical zone of the equator. Breed for its potency to crush stress and anxiety with out a sedative effect. The OG Kush was breed as a medicine and also for spiritual uses. The smooth smoke and the signature after taste is a tell sign, thousands of years of breeding. The After smoke of OG kush is very pleasant and lingers. The smell of OG kush is so unique that drug enforcement dogs are trained to smell high amounts of a certain terpene or plant compounds in that particular cultivar.

OG Kush Plant and resin smell


Nerolidol is a sesquiterpene adding to the woody flavor of OG kush. Nerolidol is the main terpene inside the original Og kush cultivar and this terpene may be the reason for Og kushs long lasting effects and powerful high. In test, nerolidol has been shown to increase trans-dermal effectiveness by 20 fold. Nerolidol in OG Kush works to create a long lasting high and is potent. Nerolidol smells woody floral or sometimes citrus with a pine or cedar wood taste.


The word “Indica” is Classic Greek and Latin for “of India”. Mangifera indica originates from India and are commonly know as mangoes. Mangoes and OG kush share some of the same terpenes or plant compounds one in particular is the myrcene. This plant component is responsible for the tropical, swampy, or funky(musky) smell in mangoes and og kush. Myrcene works synergistically with other plant compounds. Mangoes and cannabis consumed together has interesting effects on potency and longevity of the cannabis high. The same reaction is found in modern pharmaceuticals. Often pill bottles warn against drinking or consuming grapefruits as they work syngistically with other compounds. Native Americans often had a plant they added to other mixtures to activate it or bring about the potency that would other wise not be there. OG kush is a perfectly concocted plant medicine. Myrcene is resposible for the funky smell in OG kush and the relaxing sedative high that last longer than average. Myrcene is an important compound in the fragrance industry. While unstable on its own when added to other compounds the myrcene turns into a foundation for fragrance. Myrcene is converted to myrcenol, another fragrance found in lavender. Like lavender this helps reduces stress and anxiety and is the base for great long lasting fragrances. Myrcene is used in the beer industry and is in hops, a closely related plant to cannabis. Some beers taste like cannabis because of the myrcene content. OG Kush may get its earthy soil taste from its myrcene content.


Caryophyllene is a Sesquiterpene that is often found with other compounds including α-humulene. The Og kush contain both terpenes respectively. Caryophyllene properties are rare in nature. Pepper has Caryophyllene which helps with spiciness. The Caryophyllene in OG Kush could be the reason why this strain can taste minty on the tongue while smoked especially in GSC crosses. Caryophyllene oxide is used in drug enforcement animal training. This compound is also used as a food flavoring. Studies show Caryophyllene has positive anxiolytic and antidepressant effects. The anti anxiety properties of  Caryophyllene add to the relaxing effects of OG Kush.


This plant compound was first found in hops used to make beer. α-humulene can be found in many aromatic plants. The reaction from the ozone in light might be resposible for the potent smells and lingering of the smells as these plant compounds can break down many times and produce different smells. α-humulene Helps OG Kush to linger in a room and still smell hours later.


The smell of Linalool gives og kush its slight floral scent and could add in the minty feeling when smoked. Linalool is a terpene alcohol. Linalool is found in lavender and can smell floral like lavender or woody and sweet. Linalool gives og kush a slight floral smell with a  woody background. Since linalool is used in making perfumes and soaps some may smell an og kush strain high in linalool and say it smells like soap. Linalool  is a contributor to the couch lock effect found in this indica and can make you feel dizzy. Linalool is a plants natural defense to rid pests.


Limonene is a liquid terpene found in cannabis. Limonene is colorless and responsible for the citrus or lemony smells in some cannabis like the OG Kush. Limonene is very pungent and is a great defensive mechanism for cannabis plants to ward of pests or detour mammals from eating them. This plant compound is stable and can dissolve oils. High levels of Limonene may lead the OG kush high in the opposite direction of the munchies. This terpene can suppress appetite. Limonene helps crush stress and lift the mood, Just another heart warming compound found in the OG Kush plant. Limonene helps keep the lungs clean and is an antibacterial terpene. The limonene might also help get the digestive track flowing and help with weak muscles in the esophagus. Limonene can help other terpenes absorb into the body adding to the potency of OG Kush. Limonene adds to the citrus component of the og kush cultivar and varieties.

OG Kush Plant Structure

The OG Kush grows tall and lanky. The buds are typically golf ball sized or smaller and the space between nodes is extreme. Og Kush Og kush plantcomes in many different phenotype or crosses some leaning sativa. The indica is the prized OG kush cultivar that is most potent and flavorful. The Indica OG kush is shorter and the leaves more compact and wide. The space from node to node is less noticeable. One notable trait OG Kush have in common are the dark green leaves woven throughout the lime green buds. OG kush develops shinny leaves suitable for its growing habitat. OG Kush will flower on time or longer than normal cannabis cultivars. The stems of the OG Kush are hard and woody. They smell like wood. OG Kush stems and leaf may turn purple.

Mature OG Kush Leaf:

Og Kush leaf

OG Kush leaf dark green
The Original OG Kush Terpene Analysis:
  • Nerolidol: .85%
  • Myrcene: .57%
  • R-limonene: .44%
  • B-caryophyllene: .43%
  • linalool: .19%
  • alpha terpineol .17%
  • alpha-Humulene: .13%
  • Farnesene: .13%

24% THC in the Original OG kush Cultivar. 0% CBD.


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OG Kush
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