Kush mountain rangeKush is a cultivar or variety of cannabis plant originating from the Hindu Kush mountain ranges that boarder Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. The word Kush in hindi translates to grass in English. Kush Grass has been used for thousands of years to make prayer mats and give sacrifices to gods and idols in Hindu rituals. Kusa or Kush grass is often referred to as sacred grass and grows in the Hindu Kush mountains. “Hindu Kush mountains” translates into English as “Mountains of the sindhu river & sacred grass”. The grass was not cannabis but actually long blades of grass plants.


Indica Kush Cannabis

Varieties and cultivars of potent cannabis were brought out of its habitat in the Hindu kush mountains range into the world and dubbed the name Kush cannabis. This variety of cannabis is potent and of good quality for people making hash, perfumes, and incenses as well as medicine. Indica in English means “from India or of India” referring to where the Kush cannabis comes from. Kush refers to the specific mountain ranges that the varieties grow at. Khush in India means happy. It is possible that the Kush cannabis should be spelled “Khush” rather than Kush as it describes the effects of the cannabis. Kush varieties often contain compounds that help with depression and anxiety and can put a smile on your face making you happy. The euphoric happiness and empathy from the high of kush varieties is a hint to the Kush and how it was most likely named. Indica Khush Kainabis translated into English is: Happy Cannabis from India.

Etymology of Kush in India

Kush: Sacred Grass

Khush: Happy

Indica: Of India

Sindhu: Indus River

India: Land next to the Sindhu river

Kush Cannabis in the United States of America

Kush Cannabis started showing up in the united states after an assassination in 1984 in India that lead some Indians(Sikh) to migrate to the united states bringing with them seeds of kush cannabis. Stories of U.S soldiers bringing cannabis from Afghanistan to the states float around the Internet and may have some credibility.