Jack Herer

Jack Herer Cultivar Profile:

Jack Herer is a cannabis variety by sensi seeds created in honor of Jack Herer, a famous leader and speaker in the cannabis revolution that helped many people. Jack Herer passed away on April 15th, 2010 but his legacy still remains and his works of art can be found around the world. The variety known as Jack Herer by sensi seeds is from a plant race called shiva skunk. These genetics are considered “creeping cannabis” and can grow to monstrous sizes. The Jack Herer likes to grow a long single straight pole for a stalk and small thin leaf depending on the phenotype. The buds are small and not too dense but the plant size makes up for this. Expect long flower seasons, great offspring variety, and purpling during the cold in bloom. Jack Herer contains mostly lemon smells and taste from its terpene profile. The buzz from Sensi Seeds Jack Herer have been known to be extremely potent at times and caution is advised for new smokers. The upbeat feeling may be good for a morning smoke but those suffering from anxiety or depression may want to stay clear of the Jack Herer as it can make your thoughts and heart race. Sensi seeds Jack Herer flowers are superior in that they are potent, preserve well, and taste great.

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Jack Herer
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