Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel is a narrow leaf sativa that is unique. Sour Diesel is a very sought after cultivar due to its psychoactive properties. The strong terpene profile that makes up the earthy sour Diesel can create a high in the center of the forehead or the front lobe of the brain. Real Sour Diesel is extremely potent, long lasting and full of earthy flavor like an OG. California doesn’t see much sour diesel as its usually shipped out of state to land growers and middle men more profit. Sour Diesel is a favorite in New York where its rumored to have originated. Sour Diesel is a very euphoric day time smoke that will put you to sleep if you stop smoking it or smoke to much. Sour diesel may have come from a chem dog cultivar as seeds adding to the earth flavor picked up from the linage. The long thin frosty buds of the sour diesel give this strain nice bag appeal to go with the potent head high. Serious stoners have trouble getting their hands on this cultivar and are very appreciative when they do. Like OG kush, Sour Diesel has grown to legendary status. Sour Diesel cannabis is not sour and is rumored to have been called “diesel” in New York where the term means “quality” to some extent and the cannabis is not sour but people get sour when they cant get anymore!

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Sour Disel Cannabis Cultivar
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