Cheese Cultivar Profile

Cheese cannabis is a legendary plant chemovar with a wide variety of pungent offspring. cheese cannabis is a strong uplifting cultivar that gave birth to swiss cheese(Smells less cheddar and more swiss!). Long flower times on most cheese plants keeps this beauty from being stocked on the self. Many growers have crossed cheese with other plants making cheesel so it flowers early. Cheese contains an interesting terpene profile and research is still underway. The terpenes are often relaxing, euphoric, and uplifting with a bit of energy at first leading to a relaxed state upon heavy consumption.

Some cannabis cultivars smell like cheesey puffs while some others have a real rich quality cheddar or nice aged swiss smell. Unlike ogkush which is fragrant, cheese cannabis exhibits a pungent quality that is sharp on the nose and pallet. Paring wine with cheese is fun but the cannabis plant is not limited to such a minor spectrum of oils but instead the cannabis plant encompasses many plants oils found in nature and common foods. So pairing cheese flavored cannabis with cheese and wine wont be a problem.

Its hard not to mention UK when the hear cheese on the online forums. UK cheese is clearly a player in the cheesey weed world and is hear to stay. Cheese cannabis is extremely rare in 2019 for the US market. Cheese cannabis is a legendary cannabis cultivar that is one of the top ten cannabis varieties of all times.

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Cheese Cannabis
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