Blue Dream

Blue Dream Cultivar Profile

Landing itself in the top ten strain of all times blue dream is a rare Phenotype in the world of cannabis. Blue dream was breed from the blueberry cannabis plant thought to be cultivated from landraces by DJ short. Its no accident that blue dream crushes stress and anxiety as DJ had been breeding since 1970’s. As if the OG kush wasn’t enough California has to go and make a sativa that acts like an indica. Although Blue dream is not that potent the relaxing indica effects mixed with some upbeat sativa feelings make this sativa a favorite for many. Blue dream is breed with a haze but the head high is very subtle and more of a relaxing body high that doesn’t make you tired. Blue dream test around 18% THC and is primarily good smoke do to its terpene profile.



Blue dream has plenty of linalool compounds that make up the majority of the smell in this strain. Sometimes smelling like dryer sheets blue dream always has a sweet fresh flower smell. Linlool is found in lavender and gives plants a very floral smell. Linalool is the main component in blue dream to crush stress in humans. Blue dream shares some of the same terpenes as the OG kush plant and is often found with CBDs. Linalool is the plants natural defense towards pests. Many soaps are made from linlool because of the floral scent.


Pine trees and rosemary contain α-Pinene which gives the plants that piney smell. The smells come in 2-3 part stages and the compound is highly reactive in the sunlight. α-Pinene is an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic compound. The best thing α-Pinene does for blue dream is bind to GABBAA receptors in the brain the same way a benzodiazepine would. Blue dream is a great alternative medicine to Xanax and many other prescription pills for anxiety.

Caryophyllene oxide:

Drug enforcement dogs are trained to sniff out Caryophyllene oxide in strains like OG kush and Blue dream. This oxygenated terpnoid is used as flavoring and preservative in the commercial food industry. Regular Caryophyllene can aslo be found in the blue dream cannabis plant. Caryophyllene oxide is anti-fungal and contributes to the quality in blue dreams long lasting fragrance. Caryophyllene oxide works synergistically with the other plant compounds.

Blue Dream plant structure

Blue dreams are often planted outdoor because they are a vigorous hybrid. The blue dream plant grows very tall with nice big buds. The collas are usually extremely dense on the blue dream plant landing tight nugs and bag appeal in its favor. Harvest time is average at 10 weeks or in October. Expect big buds from the blue dream. Blue dream is easy to grow and will stretch upon flowering. Expect big yields and quality medicine when growing blue dream.

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