Agent Orange

Agent Orange Cultivar Profile

Agent Orange Cannabis is known for its orange flavor and powerful medicinal value. Agent Orange is not to be confused with the Agent Orange defoliate herbicide but rather the cannabis plant. Agent Orange gets its name from its smell and possibly from a defoliation technique that causes it the plant to thrive. Agent orange cannabis plants smell like tangerine oils and peels. A very strong tangerine flavor sticks to your pallet and lends a nice balanced feeling when consumed. Agent orange Cannabis has uplifting, motivating effects but is strong so caution is advised. Agent Orange is possibly a descendant of skunk cannabis varieties specifically Orange bud also know as cali O or California orange bud. The buds are very dense and frosty. The Flowers of Agent Orange are lime green under normal growing conditions and the hairs are neon orange. The Tangerine smell can be overwhelming and the effects visual and euphoric. Some people have reported relief from depression and anxiety using this special formulated skunk cultivar. Agent orange is hard to find and was in California before recreation legalization around 2016.