8 ball Kush

8 Ball Kush Cultivar Profile

When talking about kush, 8 ball kush from barney’s farm is a honorable mention. This variety of cannabis is still gaining popularity in a flooded market of new flavors and cannabis varieties. 8 Ball Kush is a Sativa Plant from the hindu Kush mountains. Some growers have reported indica phenotypes but the mature plant will stretch out and the leaf will turn sativa upon size and enough time. These 8 Ball kush come in feminised seed form and they are very similar to an OG kush the difference only being the smell and taste. The 8 ball kush has small frosty, dense purple bud sites that ripen on the stem outdoor very well. The Terpene profile leads to a strong long lasting medicine that is fruity and sweet like a grand daddy purple cultivar. 8 Ball kush Has dark green leaf interwoven with dark purple bud sites. The Feeling, when smoked is similar to an OG Kush making this a great medicine for anxiety and depression. This medicine is extremely potent and long lasting, new users beware!