Best OG kush in California 2019

1.) Double og chem under the brand flow kana grown by rebel farms. Sold out early in California and dissipated from the west coast fast! Breed for PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Classic OG smell and taste leaning towards a clean og smell. The buzz was legendary. At 54$ for 3.5 grams no one would ever complain because the cannabis lasted so long.

2.) 707 OG by peak. Testing in at 21% thc and boasting a classic og terpene profile the 707 OG is nice but not the original. This ones for the true og heads.

3.) Some batches of the King Louie by “Source” come out fire. its worth mentioning the King when it comes to that earthy OG. Some batches are not as good.

4.) Mega wellness og by nameless will be expensive but it also flies off the self with its nice og kush terpene profile and sweet buzz. Around 75$ for 3.5 grams and always testing in above 20% THC.

5.)Bare farms got a good diamond OG if you can find it on the shelf! Always sold out but for good reason. Diamond OG shines and smells like classic og. The effects are potent.

6.)Fire cut LLC has what we think is the best cultivar from them, fire OG kush. While not the biggest hitter it makes up for in smell taste and long lasting effects. Fire cut LLC has a nice little OG cut but could use work!

7.) Honey dew farms is never sold out so this OG while not the best is worth a mention for reliability. If you need something thats in the og style but always stocked try the SFV OG by Honey dew farms. Other watered down OGS can be found from honeydew too like the sherbet.

8.)Boss hog OG by dime bag was a big surprise! Lemony jack flavors with an og high! Never seen it before. Testing in reasonable THC levels the buzz was worth a mention. All 50 packs sold out in 1 day.

9.) Henry’s upped their game and brought in a nice platinum og kush with a classic og kush smell before Christmas. Potency was ok and at 33$ for 3.5G we had to get it before it was all sold out. Sold out fast!

10.)Deserving higher on the list but at the same time it was too rare. The buzz from the Dog walker by Emerald family farms was insanely chill. No wonder this gem was so exclusive as the emerald family farms work withe the original og kush cut! Price was great but the stock was low!

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