Royal Highness Palm desert

Royal Highness Dispensary Review

Royal Highness is a shop located behind elpaseo in Palm Desert California. The shops grand opening  was a few years ago and they claim to serve medical & recreational cannabis consumers. This is OGKHUSH’s review on the dispensary Roral Highness in Palm Desert California.

The opening for royal highness was a bad start from the beginning. The store lacked product, had long lines and waits, and was selling cannabis for over 70$ an 1/8th(3.5g). The stores buyer managed to get some watered down og kush  called “Megawellness og” and also a similar og gassy gut called the “nameless og” for the grand opening. This bud was 75$ an 1/8! Wow but like any insane reviewers i bought some anyways. The cannabis was great, good for depression, classic og flav and while not the best quality it “got the job done” and for 75$ is good the job done on the wallet too! This would be the last of any OG kush or “happy weed” that would be stoked at royal highness.

OG kush

Every week or so i would look onto the busy weedmap site and see all the products but they would never restock any potent og kush or highgrade so i would go to other stores. Weeks turned into months and after multiple request no real answer was given as to why the could restock nameless genetics who carried a watered down og kush. A watered down og kush is one that could be potent but not as good as the original. The shops focus seemed to be “sell sell sell” where bud tenders and buyers for the store focus on THC level and less on terpene content or profile.

Crony Capitalism

The small farmer has been cut out of the cannabis industry making way for inexperienced farmers with brown cannabis not safe for daily consumption. The poorly untested new genetics taste bad, dont get you high in a positive way. The cannabis plant is supposed to be legal yet no shops in California can constantly supply the worlds most popular variety, og kush. The black market thrives with strong og kush while the legal market is having its bubble burst from an over saturated market. Cannabis “legalization” in California only allows the rich to make more money and the poor remain in poverty.

The reviews

After calling the Royal highness dispensary where i got treated poorly i left a review on a website. The response was

“Wrong store, sorry we keep exotics on our shelves, no brown flower sold here EVER! You are able to smell and see all purchases, no gimmicks just pure gas. We are Royal Highness!!!! SMH so sad people keep confusing us with different location only Palm Desert store located on the second floor.”

I had the right store! But they do not stock exotics only what they think are exotic. They do have brown flower go check em out! Funny how the say they have “pure gas” but NO OG KUSH or anything earthy, piney, swampy or potent. They do not have cannabis for anxiety and depression. The left me another review reply:

“How do I reply to a person who goes out of their way to leave a negative review on every store in the Coachella Valley, I am not sure if you have a bad day everyday, but to wish that a business close is just pure evil, may god bless you and the hole in your heart, because the god I serve will continue to prosper our business and block negativity, we wish our other stores in the valley continue success we are retailers, we are not producers no cultivators we retail good products. I hope that one day you will get the store you desire or become a farmer and learn good business practices but this is not a way to get there. I am always available at the store Royal Highness if you needed to voice your opinions in person just ask for the manager.”

This is not true. I had left MANY full 5 star reviews on weedmap but many companies have had to get shut down from regulations that all my 5 star reviews are now deleted out of my control by weedmap. This response was not sincere or genuine. I am looking out for people who are poor and suffer from mental illnesses and use cannabis for relief.

I left many negative reviews on many shops lately because the quality has gone too far down and the price too far up. They think its evil for me to wish they closed up doors and business but i think its evil to sell brown or low grade cannabis to patients needing relief when better quality exists. These people are so uninformed about cannabis and quality i cant really have a constructive conversation with them. They are conceded and on a high horse.

Overall my experience with this cannabis shop has been horrible. The prices are high, the cannabis is low quality with no OG KUSH in stock(Most popular variety). Royal Highness in Palm Desert is your basic wannabe glass case high end shop without the product to match. Many workers are uninformed, arrogant, ignorant on terpenes and potency and push for THC percentages vs terpene profiles. This shop is compley useless for medical cannabis and the community that drives it. At no point does going into royal highness feel like cannabis legalization.

What does OG MEAN?

OG is the abbreviation for organic. During the 1990s people started demanding organic foods vs the GMO counter part. OG to the west coast beach vibe means ocean grown. Stories of ocean grown VS mountain grown are passed around, true or not its true for the west coastal people. OG was coined by rappers at the same time to mean Original Gangster. The closest source we found to the OG says the name came from an OG in Humboldt California. He was the “Old grower” of the kush. His kush plant was called OG Kush because he was an old grower of that kush.

The original OG kush comes from Humboldt California. It is said to be the worlds best Lifted sativa crossed with the worlds best downer Indica kush. Being a hybrid we would expect OG to mean something for the sativa side that was breed in. Our best guess is some kind of skunk high in nerolidol and linalool crossed with an india Kush from the kush mountains. The offspring of og kush can exhibit purple stems like Thai cannabis.

What is OG Kush?

OG kush is a hybrid cannabis plant used for treating depression and anxiety. OG kush was created around 1990 and lives underground in Humboldt California. OG kush boast a powerful terpene profile with a very fragrant smell of pine, marshmallows, earth, flowers,  and wetlands.

The Original OG Kush Terpene Analysis:
  • Nerolidol: .85%
  • Myrcene: .57%
  • R-limonene: .44%
  • B-caryophyllene: .43%
  • linalool: .19%
  • alpha terpineol .17%
  • alpha-Humulene: .13%
  • Farnesene: .13%

24% THC 

0% CBD.

Why is OG Kush so popular?

OG kush is popular for its high quality scent. Even burnt OG kush cannabis smells pleasant unlike most. OG kush is potent and helps people with depression and anxiety according to testimonies and studies of the OG kush terpenes.

Best OG kush in California 2019

1.) Double og chem under the brand flow kana grown by rebel farms. Sold out early in California and dissipated from the west coast fast! Breed for PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Classic OG smell and taste leaning towards a clean og smell. The buzz was legendary. At 54$ for 3.5 grams no one would ever complain because the cannabis lasted so long.

2.) 707 OG by peak. Testing in at 21% thc and boasting a classic og terpene profile the 707 OG is nice but not the original. This ones for the true og heads.

3.) Some batches of the King Louie by “Source” come out fire. its worth mentioning the King when it comes to that earthy OG. Some batches are not as good.

4.) Mega wellness og by nameless will be expensive but it also flies off the self with its nice og kush terpene profile and sweet buzz. Around 75$ for 3.5 grams and always testing in above 20% THC.

5.)Bare farms got a good diamond OG if you can find it on the shelf! Always sold out but for good reason. Diamond OG shines and smells like classic og. The effects are potent.

6.)Fire cut LLC has what we think is the best cultivar from them, fire OG kush. While not the biggest hitter it makes up for in smell taste and long lasting effects. Fire cut LLC has a nice little OG cut but could use work!

7.) Honey dew farms is never sold out so this OG while not the best is worth a mention for reliability. If you need something thats in the og style but always stocked try the SFV OG by Honey dew farms. Other watered down OGS can be found from honeydew too like the sherbet.

8.)Boss hog OG by dime bag was a big surprise! Lemony jack flavors with an og high! Never seen it before. Testing in reasonable THC levels the buzz was worth a mention. All 50 packs sold out in 1 day.

9.) Henry’s upped their game and brought in a nice platinum og kush with a classic og kush smell before Christmas. Potency was ok and at 33$ for 3.5G we had to get it before it was all sold out. Sold out fast!

10.)Deserving higher on the list but at the same time it was too rare. The buzz from the Dog walker by Emerald family farms was insanely chill. No wonder this gem was so exclusive as the emerald family farms work withe the original og kush cut! Price was great but the stock was low!

Can terpenes get you high?

Terpenes are organic compounds that work in the body to produce effects on the brain and other areas of the body. Consuming cannabis terpenes will get you high in the same since a medicinal flower in the wild would get you high. Myrcene is a sedative and relaxant. Linalool is sedative and causes fogginess.  Alpha Pinene works with gaba receptors in the brain causing a mood shift. B-caryophyllene is a Anti-anxiety compound, sedative, Body relaxant, anxiolytic, and antidepressant. Alpha terpineol relaxes nerves and effects the brain. Adding THC to these compounds amps up the desired effects. Some terpnes can get you high while others not so much.

What are terpenes for?

Terpenes are found in plants and are used for protecting plants from predators(also attracting them) and creating resins that make up a plants smell. Terpenes are organic compounds produced by many plants on earth. Terpenes are normally strong in odor and can be therapeutic. Terpenes make up essential oils. The FDA considers many terpenes like the main ones found in cannabis og kush to be food. These compounds are known as food grade terpenes and are used as flavor agents.

What are the terpenes found in OG Kush oil?

Question: What are the terpenes found in OG Kush oil?


The main terpene in og kush is nerolidol followed by myrcene, R-limonene, B-caryophyllene, linalool, alpha terpineol, alpha-humulene, farnesene according to terpene analysis conducted on the orginal og kush oil(Flower).

Question: How much THC is in OG kush?

Answer: According to lab analysis the OG kush contains 24% THC under optimal growing conditions.

Question: How much CBD is in OG kush?

Answer: According to lab analysis the OG kush contains less than 0.9% CBD and most likely contains very little.

Top Ten Cannabis Varieties of all time

1.) OG Kush: The Highest quality terpenes for long lasting fragrance. Strong powerful highs and used for the breeding stock of many cultivars today. OG kush lands itself in the top ten cannabis varieties of all times. OG is clearly #1 and the best cannabis in the world. Its not the most potent but it very potent and long lasting. OG kush smells like roasting marsh mellows in the best smelling forest.

2.) Sour Diesel: The only real true earthy uplifting cannabis plant that will numb and induce activity in  the front lobe of the brain. A power house for depression and many consumers feel #woke after feeling the powerful effects of the cannabis cultivar sour diesel. There is no going back after consuming the sour diesel. You look at the world in a new, better way. Sour diesel is so strong, tasty and pleasant it lands a #2 in the best cannabis varieties in the world.

3.) Skunk: With legends of people going crazy to the orange tasting buds that relax you in California, skunk will take you on a ride through multiple terpene profiles and give birth to some cool cannabis varieties. Skunk is powerful, social, and very euphoric deserving a spot at #3 for the best cannabis of all time.

4.) Grand Daddy Purple: Purple means a starry night. A dreamy delight? The hangover of all cannabis gets #4 on the list of the best cannabis in the world because of its grape/berry aroma and sedative effects. Just like your grand dad, this cultivar will have you glued to your rocking chair.

5.) GSC Formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies: Not the peppery smelling forum cut but this original GSC smells like cat urine. Possible stronger than OGkush, GSC boast a powerful euphoric happy high. When ammonia meets kush GSC is born and deserves 5th place in the top ten cannabis varieties of all time.

6.) Chem Dog: Relaxing, cool, smelling fresh how can you all ready not like chem dog? Chem dog takes the funk out of kush and adds in some chemical smell. The potency is nice, the relaxing effects are great and not sedative. The smell is fire. Chem dog you deserve a #6 in the best cannabis cultivars of all time. Damn dawg(dog)!

7.) Blue Dream: So floral you almost though it was a dryer sheet mixed in with your cannabis stash. Blue dream is a plant that provides people with an uplifting effect while calming the nerves. Although not very potent, blue dream is such a functional relaxing daytime medicine it deserves a #7 in the best cannabis cultivars of all times.

8.) Cheese: How can cannabis even smell this cheesey? Some of the best uplifting cannabis plants come from the cheese family. Cheese is so cheesy that it only made #8 on our top ten cannabis varieties of all time but its effects are still powerful.

9.) Jack Herer: honoring the hemp activist with cannabis cultivars is cool especially when its an IBL. This Lemony uplifting plant also has calming effects. The buzz can be too powerful for some when consuming jack herer, emotions are maximized. The heart will race upon consumption of some varieties. Some of Jacks effects are not good for anxiety. 

10.) Peanut Butter Breath: Peanut flavors have enter the cannabis world. Peanut Butter Breath is a kush breed plant exhibiting nutty flavors with earth. Mills nutrients get them smelling nutty. Testing just how far cannabis terpenes and genetics can go! With its unique flavor alone peanut butter breath made #10 on the best cannabis cultivars of all time.


The top ten cannabis cultivars of all times were chosen based on the terpene profile, medicinal effects, and quality. Each cannabis variety chosen encompasses all the primary smells on earth: Fragrant, Minty, Decayed, Pungent, Chemical, Woody, Citrus, Nutty, Sweet, and Fruity.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)

cannabidiol also referred to as CBD – A plant compound from certain varieties of the cannabis plant including medical cannabis and industrial hemp. Cannabidiol is gaining popularity for its use as an herbal medicine in the united states and other parts of the world for treating physical and psychological pain. Cannabidiol is white or clear and is odorless. Cannabidiol is consumed orally, smoked, vaporized or placed under the tongue as a medicine.

FAQ about CBD

Question: Does CBD get you high?

Answer: It is a common misconception that CBD does not get you high. Unlike THC in the cannabis plant CBD has other effects that are not related to a feeling(psychoactive) of consuming THC but rather its own unique high of happy and focused.

Question: What is the buzz over CBD?

Answer: CBD also known as cannabidiol is showing promising effects and safety for people suffering from pain caused by inflammation. It is also getting attention in studies for people with anxiety, depression and sleep disorders. Simply put, CBD is safe and effective for many people trying to get relief from pain both physical and mental according to testimonies. The hype is real but more research is needed.

Question: What does CBD do for people and animals?

Answer: CBD has analgesic, anti-convulsant, muscle relaxant, anxiolytic, neuroprotective, anti-oxidant, and anti-psychotic proprieties when used as a medicine.

Question: Does CBD make you tired?

Answer: Yes, CBD will often make the patient or consumer feel drowsy and tired. Be careful when consuming CBD.

Question: Is there a difference between smoking CBD and eating it?

Answer: Consuming CBD will often negate the effects of THC while passed through the liver. Vaping or smoking CBD might have a different effect. Mixing CBD and THC while smoking may lead to a hazy clouded mind while smoking THC and eating CBD may contract the THCs mild phycoative feeling and increase focus.

Question: Where can i purchase CBD from USA lab tested trusted sources?

Answer: OGKUSHCBD contains links to our trusted sources. You can find many different products and there is a nice search feature to find what your looking for and the correct potency.

A complete Guide to vaporizing cannabis concentrates

We have all seen the bad reviews online about E-pens and E-cartridges (Vape cartridge) not working well for some users when they toke up on their favorite cannabis concentrate(cannabis oil). This guide will help you to NEVER get a bad cartridge again so you can save money and write reviews based on the products content, The oil itself. Vaporizing cannabis is fairly simple, the battery as well as most vape cartridges are fairly easy to use once you understand how they work. This is a complete guide to vaporizing cannabis concentrates and contains helpful tips to repair, rebuild, or troubleshoot cannabis vape cartridges and battery units.vape cannabis

The standard vape cartridge

While the looks of many vaporizing cartridges and batteries can differ the main design of functionality are often similar or the same. The standard vape cartridges has a 510 thread connection. This “510” will be helpful to you in searches when trying to find 510 cartridges and battery replacement parts. The cartridge consist of a simple design.

  1. Screw on tip where you inhale(we like round)
  2. Glass tube holding oil(often found with a plug on the tip of the tube by the mouth piece to fill oil)
  3. Metal coil with a wick running through at the base of the tube.(you cant see this)
  4. Threaded Male 510 connection base(Negative electrical connection)
  5. Metal plug in the center on the bottom(Positive electrical connection below)

How the standard vape cartridge works: Cannabis oil is placed inside the top of the new cartridge. The oil fills the cartridge and enters small pin holes at the base of the glass tube. Inside the small holes the cannabis oil or resin fills up a wick or piece of material to soak up the oil. The coil is coiled around the wick. Once the cannabis cartridge is screwed onto a  female 510 connection with a battery and the button pressed, electricity is sent to the coil heating it up red hot. The cannabis oil vaporizes at different temperatures based on your battery settings when you apply electricity in small amounts.

Troubleshooting the standard 510 threaded vape cartridge

Every vape cartridge needs maintenance every once in awhile. here are some simple tricks to fixing a cartridge that is broken.

  • Clogged cartridges are mainly from terpene dense quality oils or from sitting a bit. Try a new cartridge flavor if yours is too thick. To unclog apply sucking pressure with a piece of material over the tip so you don’t splatter hot oil in your mouth(button on). After the clog is removed you can vape and inhale normally. Thick oils need to be unclogged every time with a hairdryer.
  • Dirty 510 thread connection: Check your battery and cartridges 510 connection for debris. Clean with alcohol or just a paper towel and blow dryer.
  • Tasting burnt: Always throw away burnt tasting cartridges for your safety. Some batteries have to much volts and are to big for the small standard vape cartridges. Get a variable voltage battery so you can control temperature. Each cartridge as well as oil viscosity will have different voltage requirements. Turning up the volts may give you a better buzz but taste burnt while the later will give you flavor and a mild buzz. Some cannabis cutivars taste like burning rubber so its very hard to tell what exactly is going on in your epen. Your body will let you know what is safe, listen to your lungs and throat.
  • *Best Tip – Cartridge tunning: Get familiar with the most common cause of a vape cartridge not working, the plug. The metal plug on the bottom of vape cartridges gets push to far up inside the cartridge base after some use. When you screw the cartridge on the battery the metal plug doesn’t make contact with the battery base causing weak hits, battery dying, and no vaporizing action at all from the cartridge. The fix is rather simple, take a needle or your finger nail and slightly pull the bottom plug out a big. Just a couple paper thickness in size can have dramatic results. Make sure the metal plug is further out then the 510 threads allowing it to come into contact properly when place on a 510 threaded epen battery.
  • Leaking: use the small rubber caps and place the cartridges upright at room temperature. Clean leaked oil.

The vaporizer battery attachment with a 510 female thread

The battery is an important component in vaporizing cannabis and often overlooked by the consumer. The Quality of the 510 thread, battery and epen design will effect you experience. When purchasing a battery for vaporizing cannabis you want to make sure you get variable voltage, big battery, quality design that is safe and wont cause a fire or explode.vape pen set

Trouble shooting a 510 threaded vaporizer battery unit

  • Cartridge does not work: After testing to make sure the cartridge works on another battery or that you have done troubleshooting for the cartridge you can move on to fix the issues with a battery. The most common reason why a vape epen might not work is that the battery is dead and just needs a charge. Hook the battery up to a 510 thread usb charger by screwing in on until the light blinks. Allow the unit to charge 15-45 minutes or based on your product Manuel for the proper charge times.
  • Cleaning 510 threaded battery unit: Dirty 510 thread are the main reason you cant get a charge. Cleaning the 510 threads often will prevent the charger from getting stuck and breaking on the epen. The clean connection allows for a btter charge and hit on the epen. Keeping the threads clean prevents thread danger and prolong use of the epen battery and threads. We recommend checking out magnetic 510 threads adapted for both the male and female 510 applications.
  • Voltage to low/high: Some cartridges like high volts while others like low. Play with your variable voltage to get cartridges to work correctly. As you turn up your voltage you can draw faster to get a bigger hit and to allow the coil to cool down some as you turn up the volts(heat). When using a low voltage draw slower so the coil doesn’t cool down to much while your inhaling it.

    Variable Voltage Adjustment
  • Overused battery: If your epen has been through a year of use or heavy use and is not working a replacement is necessary. Batteries in epen do not last forever. Make sure to buy reputable quality brands so your product can last a long time and you will be safe.

If this guide has helped you or someone you know share it so others can see!